Campaign Researcher Application

If you are interested in applying for a position as a Campaign Researcher with Unite Here, please prepare materials and then complete this online application form. Before you begin filling out this application, you should review the form below and have all of the following ready to paste into the appropriate boxes:

  • A cover letter explaining why you are interested in and qualified for a job with a union generally and as a researcher with Unite Here in particular. Include in your letter something about the work experiences and background you have which best prepare you for this job (including organizing, activist, campaign, and/or research experience.)

  • A resume (we will receive it as text only, without formatting.)

  • The specific position(s) for which you are applying (if any), and where else you might be interested in working.

  • Names of job references – your supervisors at your two most recent employers as well as other people who know you and your work. You will need to include jobs, titles, phone numbers, and email addresses, as well as any special instructions about contacting them.

  • Written answers to these two specific questions:

    1. What kinds of strategies and tactics do you think are needed for a successful campaign?

    2. Describe your ideal job.

Once you have these materials ready, please provide us with the basic information requested about yourself, and cut and paste your answers to the questions and your cover letter, your resume, and your answers to the questions into the form. Please complete this application form only once and indicate all your geographic preferences in the space provided.

Thank you very much for your interest in working with our Union and for taking the time to complete this application.

1) Please provide the following personal contact information so that we know how to reach you now and in the future:
First Name
Last Name
Current street address
Daytime Phone (ddd) ddd-dddd
Evening Phone (ddd) ddd-dddd
Cell Phone (ddd) ddd-dddd
Best time to contact you

2) If you are applying for an advertised researcher opening(s), please indicate the location.

3) Since jobs do open up regularly around the country, we'd like to know for which locations we might additionally consider your application in the future. Select your geographic preference from the options listed below.
Geographic Preferences

4) Please paste your resume below

5) Please paste your cover letter below

6) What kinds of strategies and tactics do you think are needed for a successful campaign? (Please write or paste answer below)

7) Please describe your ideal job. (Please write or paste your answer below.)
Ideal job

8) Please provide three references.
Reference #1
Reference #2
Reference #3

9) If you have applied previously for a position with UNITE HERE please answer the following:

If you applied for a researcher position, indicate the year:
If you applied for an organizer, boycott or other position, indicate the year and position:
Year and position

10) If we think you are qualified for other positions in UNITE HERE we may refer your application to another department. Please let us know for which of the following positions you would additionally like to be considered. If you have a strong interest in other types of jobs with UNITE HERE (e.g. organizer), you should also visit to look at other live positions and apply directly for those from there:

11) How did you learn about this job with UNITE HERE? If from more than one source, list all sources. (This information helps us evaluate our recruitment program) :
a. Online Postings
Other online sources, regular mail, listservs, print ads, flyer, job fair, etc., please be specific:
b. Other Sources
Personal or Organizational Contact (Please provide the name, title, affiliation and contact information of the person who told you about this position):
c. Personal or Organizational Contact

13) If you speak any languages other than English please specify:
Other languages you speak
Valid Driver's License?
Vietnam Veteran?
Disabled Veteran?
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